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The main role of a Referee is to make sure that the rules of the game they are officiating are being followed by all players. A Referee will explain rules as needed and ensure that all participants understand these rules. Referees make calls regarding when these rules are broken and assess penalties.

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Basketball Referee Career. *A job as a Basketball Referee falls under the broader career category of Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials. The information on this page will generally apply to all careers in this category but may not specifically apply to this career title. Job Description for Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials : Officiate at competitive athletic or sporting events.

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Official (basketball) - Wikipedia. Posted: (7 days ago) In basketball, an official (usually called a referee) enforces the rules and maintains order in the game.The title of official also applies to the scorers and timekeepers, as well as other personnel that have an active task in maintaining the game.

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Duties of a NBA Referee The NBA is one of the most awaited events all over the world. The people are expecting their teams to win. The... Before the game starts, the referee is in charge of introducing both teams. Introducing to them some rules. A NBA Referee is in charge of managing the game as ...

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Roles & Responsibilities of a Basketball Referee Enforce Rules. A basketball official is expected to be an objective enforcer of league rules. When an infraction is... Maintain Order. By making decisive and fair calls, the referees attempt to make sure that the game is played in a... Game Flow. A ...

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Roles & Responsibilities of a Basketball Referee General Roles and Responsibilities. At high school level and above, three basketball officials are required in a game. Pregame Duties. At least one referee should be present a half-hour before tip-off to make preparations with table... Enforcing the ...

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Description. Finds, hires, assigns, trains and manages referees. Attends all program coach's meetings to go over rules and answer coach's questions. Investigates and addresses any major concerns or questions on the part of referees and/or OMGBA coach's.

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Head Basketball Referee Officiated as head referee during intramural department basketball games. Coordinated 40 minutes of multiple intramural basketball games and maintained a professional manner amongst peers and... Improved communication skills and teamwork skills with other referees.